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The Last Leap was where the people of San Kaloon came to die. Larissa was no exception.


It had been nearly four months since her mother had passed, and two months since.. well she didn't allow herself to think about what had happened. With a black eye and a broken rib she sits on a pier-cap, slowly mustering her courage to jump. But, then he appears.


A homeless addict, a supernatural entity living underneath the bridge who calls himself 'Siddarth' makes a final request of her. 


"What are you going to do with all that blood?"


Believing herself dead either way, Larissa abliges, comforted by the fact that her passing might help preserve something preternatural, fantastic, and macabre.


When she awakes the next morning in her bed, it is apparent that Siddarth hadn't killed her, but something had been done to her. Larissa thought her problems had come to an end, but really they had just begun.


The monster claims he owns her, that she is his slave, that he's made her bloodless, even though his only real concern seems to be getting high on sweets and sugar.


She loathes admitting it, but after a good shower he isn't quite so disgusting, maybe even beautiful in an alien, haunting sort of way, and he does seem to give excellent advice.


For Larissa, the questions just keep mounting. Who is Siddarth? What is Siddarth? What is a bloodless? How did such a fantastic creature end up in such a pitiable state?


And finally, what will Larissa do when her dangerous, possibly criminal father returns in a week to find that a sugar addicted creature from another world has been wrecking his expensive cars, spray painting the back of his mansion and has enslaved his only daughter?