Witness a true series take on dark fantasy that revivifies the genre. It vehemently avoids the pre-packaged world building and worn-thin fantasy tropes. Enjoy full scene and character art placed throughout the book. There are no true heroes in Erde Monde, only good men who must do terrible things and evil men who might still hope to do something good. 


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They say the realm of Erde Monde is an infinite ribbon, and all things are but word and thread.  

Some say the Fray was where the world was torn. And the monsters that linger within? Punishment. The Fray separates and divides the lands, a static wall, an impassable Gulf of ever-changing haze.


On a night like any other, a lost man stumbles from the mist to find himself in an alien desert.  Due to his jumbled memories he remains trapped in existential limbo, unsure of what is real and what is not, including himself.


Accompanied by a strange wild-man, Loste  seeks refuge.  Their sight is set upon the azure city, which is only a glimmer on the distant horizon.


Will they survive the perils of the glass desert?


Will the Lost man reclaim his certainty of self, or is he just another Fraydian, a tulpa, a hollow man, an empty amalgamation of another's fear?


But, there is more. Unbeknownst to him,  an ancient evil has awoken and followed Loste from the Fray.  It was nearly a thousand years ago when she stole the sun.  


Will they reach the azure city?


Will the ribbon's infinite pattern be destroyed, devoured by the writhing king?



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Fall into the forbidden oasis, the second novel in the dark fantasy series Childhood's Hour.


After being nearly devoured by one of the desert gargantuans, Loste and Nadhez find themselves stranded in the azure sands, their mount dead, their supplies gone.


The coral-reef oasis seems to be their only chance at survival, but it comes with a warning,"It is no safe haven..."


Unbeknownst to them, something malicious watches them from the desert, biding her time under the darklyte of the noom.


What awaits them inside the heart of the oasis?


Will they be forced to endure the Dark Bride's vengeful, maddening lyte? 


Will Loste find peace, or will he discover that he never really left the Fray?


Will true Light ever return to Erde Monde?


Explore the questions that all must answer in life.  


What can justify our existence, and what can one do that is truly worth doing?



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Travel the glass desert and survive the lyte of the noom with the third novel in the Childhood's Hour series.


The Last leg of the journey is at hand. With the azure city a speck on the horizon, Loste sets his sights upon salvation with the dying Nadhez in tow.


With his path chosen, Loste may claim that the rest is up to fate, but is it really that simple? 


What hardships and temptations might lay waiting in Lyte of the noom?


What morbid designs might the dark bride have in store for Loste?


But that is not all. An unseen enemy, one of the ninety-nine, son of a forgotten God, has their own dark designs for the Buhangen and the Kloonie of the glass city. 


A storm is brewing, its destination, the azure sands... 


It's name, The Writhing King.